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Data Security

The overpowers efforts to safeguard users' personal data in compliance with strict security measures. To ensure the privacy of users, the uses SSL technology.

The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is the world reference today to certify websites users and encrypting data between users and web servers (servers). An encrypted SSL communication includes a process in which information is sent by a user to a server is encrypted by the sending software and decrypted only by the receiving software, thus protecting the information during transport. In addition, all information sent using the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically verify whether data has been altered in transit.

Data Encryption Certified by Thawte, Inc

In order to ensure the protection of personal information of users, uses technology SSL by Thawte,Inc . Thawte, Inc is one of the largest public certification authority and worldwide leader in encryption technology.  With this technology, all data registered by the user of is encrypted. This way, any possibility of the unauthorized disclosure of purchase or identification data is minimized. SSL uses 40-bit, 128-bit and 256-bit level encryption. The higher the level, the harder it is to crack the encrypted message. uses SSL 256-bit

Finally, personal safety constitutes the password you give when the user joins The advises users, for safety reasons, to regularly change their password and avoid using the same codes and easily detectable.